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Understanding the Different Types of Stroke

Last updated 3 years ago

Through better awareness, many people can now recognize the warning signs of stroke. Do you know why strokes occur, though? Not all strokes are the same, and to provide proper stroke care, physicians must first assess the nature of the condition. For more information on stroke prevention, detection, and stroke care, contact Doctors Hospital of Sarasota.

Ischemic Stroke

Ischemic strokes are the most common type of stroke, as they affect nearly 9 in 10 stroke victims. Just as clots can obstruct blood supply to the heart and cause a heart attack, they can also stop blood flow to the brain and produce a stroke. An ischemic stroke occurs when the brain stops receiving oxygenated blood due to an obstruction in an artery that supplies blood to it. When a heart attack happens, it can quickly kills heart cells, and ischemic strokes too can kills brain cells in a short period of time.

Transient Ischemic Attack

In some instances, the blood clot that blocks blood flow to the heart dissolves without medical intervention. Such an event is called a transient ischemic attack. This type of stroke may resolve on its own, but it still requires professional attention. Depending on the duration of the attack, it can still leave stroke victims with brain damage and physical or cognitive dysfunction. A transient ischemic attack may also serve as a precursor to a more significant stroke in the future.

Hemorrhagic Stroke

Though an obstruction of blood flow to the brain is the most common reason why strokes occur, it is not the only cause of them. Some individuals may suffer a stroke because of a weakened blood vessel that bursts open, leaking blood into other areas of the brain. Until stroke care experts can address the rupture and restore blood flow to the affected area, a hemorrhagic stroke can cause significant damage to both the oxygen-deprived part of the brain and the region that suffers blood seepage.

Knowing how to detect the signs of stroke could save the life of someone you love. Doctors Hospital of Sarasota offers comprehensive stroke care that can quickly and effectively address the needs of stroke victims. To learn more about our stroke services for those in Bradenton, Venice, and beyond, call (888) 685-1596.


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