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Tips to Improve Your Heart Health

Last updated 3 years ago

From nutritional changes to major shifts in your lifestyle, there are plenty of steps -both big and small- that you can take in order to boost your heart health. Improving heart health can add years to your life by reducing your risk of both heart attack and stroke. Here are some helpful tips to improve your heart health from the knowledgeable stroke care specialists at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota:

Snack Wisely Throughout the Day

Healthy eating is an essential part of maintaining a healthy heart. This applies to not only major meals but also snacks that you may indulge in throughout the day. Instead of reaching for salty chips, pretzels, or other snacks that may be high in cholesterol and fat, opt for healthy fats like a handful of nuts, a sliced up avocado, or whole wheat crackers with peanut butter. Vegetables and fruits that are low in sugar are also great snacking options.

Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

Another major change that you can make in order to improve your heart health is to become more active. Remaining sedentary for too many hours each day can cause you to gain weight, inches, and even heighten your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Try to exercise at least 20 minutes to half an hour each day and avoid sitting too much.

Kick Your Bad Habits

Do you smoke on a regular occasion? If so then be sure to kick this bad habit as soon as possible. Drinking too much alcohol each week can also put excess stress on your heart, so eliminate your consumption to only one glass of red wine a day. While you're cleaning out your fridge and cabinets, rid them also of caffeinated and sugary beverages like soda.

Eliminate Stress from Your Life

Lastly, be sure to reduce your anxiety and stress levels in order to boost your heart health. As any stroke care specialist will share, stress plays a huge role in heightening your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Address your anxiety by participating in relaxing activities like yoga, art classes, or meditation.

If you're ready to learn more about improving your heart health, then talk to a stroke care specialist at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota. Our skilled staff is also able to answer any questions you may have about cancer care, breast care, and orthopedic care. To speak with a nurse about the services offered at our emergency room and throughout the hospital, call us at (888) 685-1596.


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