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Screening Tests for Breast Cancer

Last updated 4 years ago

Many cancers, including breast cancer, produce noticeable symptoms only once they have reached an advanced stage, which can complicate treatment options. So to find and address breast cancer before it spreads, healthcare experts recommend screening tests. One simple way to screen for breast cancer is to perform breast self-examinations at home. When done on a monthly basis, a self-exam can help women become familiar with the normal characteristics of their breasts and identify abnormal developments to their skin or tissue. A clinical breast examination, which is performed in a physician’s office, allows a trained doctor to evaluate the breasts for irregularities, such as lumps or nipple discharge. Once a woman reaches the age of 40, she might also undergo mammogram screenings each year. A mammogram can provide images of breast tissue for analysis by a physician. In some cases, a mammogram can reveal unusual growths undetectable by manual examinations.

Are you due for a clinical breast examination or mammogram? For more information on these breast care screening options, call Doctors Hospital of Sarasota at (888) 685-1596. Our Consult-A-Nurse representatives can explain in detail how these procedures work at our Northport area hospital.


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